Dennis Kirk is in the House

30th Annual Dennis Kirk Donnie Smith Bike Show & Car Show Parts Extravaganza

Dennis Kirk at the 31st Annual Donnie Smith Bike Show

Since 1969 Dennis Kirk has provided what riders want and need: access to award winning parts and accessories.

About Dennis Kirk

Dennis Kirk always has and will continue offering up-to-date merchandise, and is able to offer a full range of product(s), even in the “new economy” of our time. When new and innovative products are made, we will have them, right along with the staples that never change. Our strength in the industry has enabled us to provide the lowest guaranteed prices, the largest selection of product, and the fastest shipping to all powersport enthusiasts.

Staff also includes knowledgeable Sales Operators, Customer Service and Technical Support.

Dennis Kirk at the 31st Annual Donnie Smith Bike ShowDennis Kirk gives back to the community, too, with their annual Patriot Ride, benefitting Minnesota’s active and veteran military and law enforcement organizations. Mark your calendar for July 8th:

“Dennis Kirk is proud to be the presenting spon-sor of the biggest and best custom motorcycle and car show in the country,” said Bob Behan, company president/CEO. “The awesome bikes, cool cars and large assortment of vendors make for a great experi-ence. If you have not previously been, make this the year you join the fun!”

About the Patriot Ride Donnie Smith Bike Show

You have worked long and hard on your cool custom or classic motorcycle. In fact, it looks so good everyone tells you that it should be featured in a leading magazine. If you own a great motorcycle, you might have sent some great photos of your bike to your favorite magazines expecting they would run an article on it.

What typically happens is… well… nothing. It is rare to hear back from anyone. Magazine editors are overwhelmed with people wanting to get their bike featured. So the chances of getting your bike seen by an editor, let alone picked for a feature in a national magazine, is as likely as winning the lottery.

The Patriot Ride has an excellent way to improve your chances of a magazine feature with American Iron Magazine is sponsoring the Donnie Smith Bike Show at the Patriot Ride.

At the end of the day at least one of the show bikes is guaranteed to be photographed and featured in American Iron Magazine.

So, regardless of how many bike photos cross the editors’ desk that week, at least one motorcycle from our show will be picked and published. You might never have an opportunity like this again. So polish up your bike and get it to the 11th Annual Patriot Ride.

About the men in blue – As part of fulfilling that objective, the Patriot Ride will be making a significant donation to Backing the Blue Line: They support the law enforcement community by providing resources and emotional support to police officers, their families and by serving as a positive voice in the community at large.

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