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American Thunder Sponsor of The Donnie Smith Bike Show 

Custom Parts on eBay For Custom Harley-Davidson

Cole Foster - Salinas Boys

  Cole Foster, owner of Salinas Boys, hails from Salinas California. He is a master of metal and builds cool low digger HotRod Harleys and just plain cool HotRods. Heís been featured on Discovery, Easyriders, HotBike, HotRod Magazines and has a big following in Japan and Ireland. Salinas Boys - Custom HotRods and HotRod Sleds... Cool stuff

He has an eye for detail and form. All his stuff looks just right. He grew up in a NHRA family so all of his rides run real fast.

Itís difficult to decide which I like better - Coleís rods, hogs or his babe Susan. As someone said, ďItís all good.Ē Check out his site, youíll be impressed.



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