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Donnie Smith Bike Show


Fans of Custom Bike Builders


Customizers In The Great White North


Check out the builders and get an autograph. Who knows, in a couple of years it might be worth a bundle.



Dave Perewitz 

In the world of custom motorcycle fabricators, there are people who are well-liked and people who are respected. Only a few are both, and among them, even fewer are acknowledged as deans of their industry. Dave Perewitz is a member — many would say a leader — of that very elite group. Dave has had over 30 years experience building and customizing motorcycles. Perewitz is a self taught designer, mechanic, painter, and fabricator.



Manufacturers In The House
Ok we got the manufacturers here to answer your questions and get you the stuff you need. They want to talk with you so come in and meet them.







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Donnie Smith    Bike Show


Donnie Smith    Bike Show


Donnie Smith    Bike Show


Donnie Smith  Bike Show



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