Builder Profile: Jordan Dickinson’s Frost Buzzard

Jordan Dickinson heads up Union Speed & Style in Monticello, Minnesota where they specialize in custom chassis and sheet metal fabrication as well as upholstery and leather work for both cars and motorcycles.

Dickinson's Frost Buzzard

Dickinson’s Frost Buzzard

Amidst all the buzz and excitement surrounding the Donnie Smith Bike Show, Dickinson will be rolling in his Frost Buzzard creation.

The bike retains the look of a factory stance with 32* rake. The frame also has a bit of a factory vibe only a little more cleaned up. It features stainless axle plates from hardtail choppers.Union Speed & Style utilizes connecting “lugs” for all the tubing where they are splicing in together. This gives it a unique and antique look.

The midnight black frame with the shiny stainless really makes it pop. Dickinson did some voodoo on the springer and narrowed it so the bike has a clean, narrow look with the right stance.

Make sure you look up Union Speed & Style at the Donnie Smith Bike Show.

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